How technology may help manage anxiety?

Though technology is the main cause of anxiety for some, it can also be used to help lower it. There are many tech-based tools that both adults and children can use when finding ways to better manage your anxiety. Here are five tech related things you can rely on when learning to cope with your stress.  

Find Online Connections: You do not have to fight with your anxiety on your own. Use your phone or computer to connect with a therapist. Have one-on-one therapy sessions via phone, video, or text. Learn more about yourself, set new goals, and gain more self-awareness. Social media apps can be fun, but they are mostly about other people and a reliable source of anxiety for some. E-counseling would be all about you and a wonderful place to explore why certain things bring you great stress. The more you know, the more power you hold. Betterhelp & are just a few examples of some popular online therapy platforms

Stay Active: Even though your gym might still be closed, it is still extremely important to keep your body healthy and active. You can find many free workout videos on Youtube or such apps as Nike Training Club and MapMyRun where you can also keep track of your progress and connect with other likeminded people.   

Mental Stimulation:  An effective way to get out of your own head is by listening to somebody else or reading about somebody else’s life. E-readers such as the Kindle and iBook apps are a wonderful way to escape from reality. Podcasts and TED Talks provide access to a variety of information which can be then applied to your own real-life situations. Learn from others so you don’t have to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Use your best judgment when determining which resources are good or you.    

Feed the Soul: Listening to music on such apps as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music can help decrease levels of stress, slow down your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. One such song called “Weightless” by Marconi Union was proven to reduce stress levels by up to 65%, according to MindLab International.

Fuel Your Body and Brain: What you put into your body can affect your stress and energy levels, as well as your mood and ability to concentrate.  A fantastic way to keep track of your eating and drinking habits is by recording your progress via the app MyFitnessPal.  You might discover that you are not consuming enough calories for the day or that on the days you drank more water, you felt better.  And having this app on your phone makes it faster to record than having to carry around a separate workout and nutrient workbook.